IT Consulting

Today, almost everything in your organization revolves around a core processing computer system. A fully-functioning and innovative computer network is critical to your total office productivity and long-term profitability. Source One Business Services, LLC’s technology consultants focus on helping clients fully leverage the capabilities of their investments in technology in order to achieve strategic objectives, reduce cost and manage risk.

Our IT consultants have the capability to remotely repair or resolve most problems from our corporate office before your employees experience the problem. Whether you utilize on-staff personnel or an outside resource to support your IT function, reliability, security and cost effectiveness of your IT infrastructure are essential to maintaining business continuity and profitability. Our IT consulting team is positioned as a long-term, goal-oriented partner that works with your team to ensure a fully functioning network.


The technology services we offer include:

We work with our clients to help define the role of IT in supporting corporate strategy, aligning IT initiatives and resources with corporate objectives and measuring the success of IT initiatives.
We assist our clients in the complex process of identifying, evaluating and selecting appropriate software solutions. Once a system is selected, our team supports the implementation process in areas including program or project management, project advisory services and/or acting as a process specialist.

Our data management and business intelligence process helps clients manage crucial data assets to identify the data required to measure progress in achieving corporate objectives. This process includes;

  1. Establishing data governance standards to insure that data is protected, consistent, accurate, transparent and accessible.
  2. Defining the rights, responsibilities and standards for data management, data maintenance, authoring and consumption.
  3. Creating analytical dashboards that provide quick access to the critical information that drives insight and decision making.
We offer a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution that features near-real-time backups, seamless off-site data storage, multi-year archiving and 24/7 availability of critical servers, as well as a comprehensive recovery strategy to keep systems running after a disruptive event.
We work with businesses so that their network infrastructure keeps pace with their growth and changing technology needs. We analyze a company’s infrastructure, evaluate current processes and applications, and design flexible managed outsourcing solutions.
We evaluate businesses' technological environments in order to provide a reliable and scalable cloud strategy that ensures flexible accessibility while still offering security for companies' data at a cost-effective point. Our experts can design a cloud solution around your specific business needs which will allow you to connect to your Company-specific applications and data using any Web-enabled device. Your cloud solution can grow and change with your business.